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GrowCast: The Official Cannabis Podcast

Feb 28, 2016

This week I divulge my recipe for cannabis infused chocolates- The easiest recipe using cannabutter that you will ever find! Make sure to check out last weeks secret recipe episode, and keep a sharp eye out for more!

Feb 20, 2016

Check out this weeks mini episode, where I share my SUPER simple, SUPER fast way to make potent cannabutter! Tune in next week, where I will show you how to take that cannabutter, and make chocolates with it- an even EASIER recipe!!!

Feb 14, 2016

Cannabis Cup winner Patrick Smith and super-grower Brian Von Blimpy are in the studio for an episode of GrowChat focused around “organic” growing vs non organic. They share a wonderful tip of the week regarding how to make the perfect compost tea, and we discuss why Patrick’s Grean Bicycles all natural fertilizer...

Feb 6, 2016

Horticulture expert Roscoe Wallace is in the studio to discuss Hallucinogenic plants, how they grow, how they affect us, and why they are so fascinating. We go on to talk about different types of cacti, plant grafting, and mealy bugs...