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Nov 7, 2019

LED engineering and manufacturing specialist Kevin from Black Dog LED is on the line to discuss the past, present, and future state of the grow lighting industry. Kevin discusses the ongoing competition between traditional gas HID light systems, versus the up and coming high tech LED systems. He talks about the advancement of technology, and how LEDs will continue to get smaller, cheaper, and more powerful- but not at the rate that they have been in the past few years. Kevin shares his affinity for growing all types of plants in indoor settings, including tropical fruit trees, and discusses how this led him into his work in light engineering. He also extrapolates on light spectrums and how plants have evolved in accordance with red and blue light- and what that means for cannabis growers. Kevin also gives an incredible overview of the LED manufacturing process, where he discusses "doping" or "tainting" the silicon crystals in lights with impurities- in combination with different hole sizes- in order to achieve various spectrums. You can find out more about Black Dog LED at

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