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Jul 14, 2019

Noah Miller from Black Dog LED is on the line to talk about the long process of perfecting LED light design, and why he believes his LEDs are the most superior brand on the market. Noah goes on to discuss lighting spectrums, and why he is such a big fan of the ceramic metal halide spectrum when it comes to optimal plant growth. He also talks about the rapidly advancing LED chip technology, and how he still believes LEDs have a lot of improving to do as far as increasing capabilities and reducing cost- whereas many gas bulb systems are a "dead end technology." Noah teases his upcoming projects as well, including a full grow room control system-complete with climate control, feed control, analytics and more- that integrates easily into his lighting systems. He rounds out the show by comparing different wattages with LED and gas lights, and what that means on a bottom line basis. Find out more about Noah and Black Dog LED at

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