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Mar 14, 2019

Rob Smith brings us live coverage of the ROCC for today's episode, and he landed two amazing interviews. First, Layton Morrison from Kingdom Aquaponics shares his knowledge about soil science and regenernative techniques in the cannabis world, and beyond. Then Rob connects with Steven Raizner from Potent Ponics, and host of the "Growing with Fishes Podcast." Tune in to hear Steven explain how his aquaponic methods can achieve 6 inches vegetative growth per day, and how you can build your own dual root zone aquaponic setup. ---Today's show is brought to you by Suite Leaf Nutrients... ... The premium vegan nutrient line made in the USA and endorsed by legendary cultivator Danny Danko... Promo code GROWCAST20 for 20% off sitewide! No matter what your grow setup or medium is, it's time to try something new... Visit and use promo code GROWCAST20 for 20% off!---