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Apr 22, 2024

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Rhizo Rich is back on the program for another top 5 episode- this time we're focusing on things that you AREN'T doing in your garden, but probably should be. Whether you're still relying on your finger test or lift test instead of using a moisture meter, or you don't have any form of automated watering so you never ever get a break from your garden- these are things you could implement to totally up-level your gardening game and more importantly, balance your life! One of the TOP things I don't see people doing is using protective equipment in their grow... Don't burn out your eyeballs on those powerful grow lights. Don't inhale all those nasty soil inputs and perlite dust. Get yourselves some garden sleeves, sunglasses, and a mask. Your body will thank you! While you're at it, you should really be trying out some new growing styles! We learn little from our successes. You won't regret it! If you already do ALL FIVE of these things, or if you liked today's episode, you have to write us via email at so we can hear about your thoughts :)

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