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Mar 25, 2024

Steve aka Potent Ponics returns to GrowCast for a podcast all about FISH! Steve is a talented and knowledgeable cultivator with a vast amount of grow knowledge, but today we are returning to his roots of aquaponics to discuss one of the most fascinating cultivation styles on Earth. Steve talks about the easiest ways for home growers to incorporate an aquaponics setup- the only setup that produces meat protein! This turns to a conversation about simply incorporating some aquatic microbes even if you aren't an aquaponics grower- this means adding something like fish waste, aquarium water, or even creek/pond water under the right conditions. Steve also talks about the work he is doing with the Natural Farming AI Chat Bot, and how the bot has been shining when it comes to questions that pertain to specific geographic locations. If you want more content from Steve and Jordan, check out GrowCast Membership where he has hours of GCTV appearances.

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