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Jun 19, 2023

Great friend of the show OKCalyxx is back again on GrowCast Podcast! Today he is here to discuss his preparations for a potentially blazing summer, followed by a cooling autumn season. Calyxx highlights the importance of avoiding mold and mildew during the hot muggy summer months, with an an emphasis on the need to properly prune your plants right around flowering time. Avoiding heat in the summer is also critical, and getting those shade cloths up can be a life saver. OKCalyxx goes on to say just because the fall and winter comes quickly, don't let that stop your natural farming work. Prepping for winter, and then working throughout winter to prep for the new year- that's the secret to natural farming success. Calyxx wraps the show by talking about the crosses that he is currently working on, including some work with our own Peach Dosi which was born from GrowCast Membership using Rhizo Rich's Peach Pie Dumpster Cut pollen.

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