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Oct 24, 2020

Chas from Silver Fox Bud Photography Co is on the program to discuss his journey as a grower, and as a bud photographer! Chas talks about his foray into growing, and how his passion for photography has allowed him to make a variety of interesting connections in both the cultivation and breeding scenes. He goes on to review some of the strains that said breeders have introduced him to, and talks about some of the more impressive aesthetic characteristics that he's found. Chas talks about the East Coast grow scene, and comments on how many East Coast growers still like to keep to themselves and value their privacy highly in the young fledgling market. Chas goes on to give out a variety of tips and tricks to the GrowCast audience about how to take the best photographs possible in their gardens, and shares what he finds to be the most important factors in a perfect bud photo!

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