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Jul 11, 2022

OK Calyx is back for part two of his interview, perfect for Plant Health July! OK Calyx discusses some of his favorite natural farming techniques to employ when growing cannabis and other plants. He starts by talking about composting, and how learning to compost really led him down the road of microbiology forward, closed loop farming. OKC gives us some great composting tips, differentiating between static piles and turned piles. He also talks about some minimal turning experiments he is doing, to see how much he can speed up his compost pile with just a few turns a year. OK Calyx goes on to talk about JADAM farming, and specifically what JADAM means versus KNF. This leads to a conversation about his cannabis specific JLF- a water steeping based fertilizer that is made from cannabis plant waste. OK Calyx talks about why you should never let your plant scraps go to waste, tips as to how you can create a powerful cannabis specific JLF at home, and which input he has kept around steeping the longest.

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