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Sep 5, 2022

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The great and powerful Dr. Coco from is back on the show! Today he joins us for our inaugural Habitat September episode- and the topic is all about environment! Dr. Coco doubles back and does some more in depth exploration of two hot topic abbreviations in the grow world: VPD and DLI. He discusses the misconception around DLI and how it's often misused as a LIMITING measurement, when in reality it's simply a TOTAL measurement of how much light a plant receives per day. Dr. Coco also dismisses some VPD myths, and talks about how some aspects of our environment are simply more important than others- temperature for instance. Dr. Coco also shares his thoughts on veg times, and how increasing plant count and reducing pot size for a quicker veg cycle can drastically improve your garden's overall efficiency and productivity. Dr. Coco wraps the show by speaking on his plant training grow challenge, which you can find at Coco for Cannabis with a category for everybody- even misfits and leaf strippers!

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