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Jul 10, 2023

LEGACY MICHIGAN! Hartford, MI, July 21-23. I will be there, the team will be there, and TERP WIZARD will be there!

The Wiz is back! Terp Wizard returns to the show to update us on aaaaall the work he has been up to. Wizard talks to us about his new pollination, where he is working with a sour profile he found in Top Dawg's work. The Wiz explains his fondness for sours, and the guys talk about old school Midwest dank. Terp Wizard also explains his shift in approach when it comes to releasing his work- where he is now doing long term testing and study to release just one or two at a time. The conversation turns to hashing, and Wiz tells us how to look for a good hasher, how to do a test wash, and how trichome structures influence the end product. Wizard gives us his top hashing strains as well, from his own work, and from others- while Jordan sings the praises of his Duck Confit which was grown by amazing member Okiestoney and processed by the incredible Chromsix of Oklahoma. Terp Wizard surprises us with a forgotten compost plant pollination update as well, and tells us to stay tuned to his IG for the upcoming drops!

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