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Nov 7, 2022

Back again on the show is the one and only Dr. Coco from Coco for Cannabis! The good Doctor joins us after completing an in depth YouTube episode where he shares everything there is to know about LED grow light diodes! Those little dots on your lights mean a lot when it comes to the overall performance and efficiency of your light- and Dr. Coco shares the most important things you need to know about LED light builds! This leads to conversation about lighting schedule where Dr. Coco talks about how plants operate during the lights off period, how to switch your plants into flower with minimal stress, and what just how in tuned plants are with the rhythms of the on/off light cycles. Dr. Coco also discusses non 12/12 schedules, theorizing that an 11/13 schedule could in fact encourage plants to finish sooner than a full 12/12 schedule...

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