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Dec 17, 2020

Friend of the show Doctor Coco is back for an in depth grow chat- this time the doctor starts off with a discussion about coco; specifically how to properly reuse it. He answers a question about reusing amended coco, and extrapolates on the idea that not all amendments should be treated the same- citing that some people consider coco with perlite to be amended coco. He also talks about washing coco indoors, and brings up the possibility of harming your home plumbing with coco residue. Jordan and Coco then get into a discussion about why people choose to grow organic over synthetic, and whether or not there is a discernible difference in the end product. Coco emphasizes that he encourages responsible organic gardening for a multitude of other reasons- and Jordan points out how growers should be able to hold these different opinions and still get along as friends. The guys wrap up the show by talking about wet trimming versus dry trimming, teasing a more in depth exploration in a future episode!

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