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Jun 6, 2023

As we continue our nutrient deep dives, Nik from Rooted Leaf (use code growcast) is back on the show to discuss all things SULFUR! From it's role as an antioxidant to how it moves in nature, Nik let's us know what we need to know about this important mineral. Nik talks about how sulfur is not needed in as high as quantity as one might think, but he emphasizes that your plant will require more sulfur in order to deal with stressors- stressors like increase in light saturation, environmental pressure, and more. This leads to a conversation about how sulfur is truly utilized as the main anti oxidant within plants, and how it affects the redox cycle. Nik also discusses the important compounds known as thiols- which are not only the molecules that could shift a plant's aroma into the realm of skunk, but are also utilized within the plant's growth process itself...

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