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Aug 29, 2022

DENVER SOIL CLASS (Sep 17) and SAN DIEGO SOIL CLASS (Oct 1) are LIVE FOLKS! We're giving out free seeds AGAIN to the next FIVE people who sign up, PLUS you can use code CAST for $10 off!

Our good friend from The Banyan Tree Jameson Welbourn returns to the show to wrap up Cultivar-gust! Jameson sits down to share from his extensive pool of knowledge, and gives us some prognostications as far as where the cannabis industry is headed- specifically when it comes to solventless extract consumption. Jameson discusses how hash making has evolved so quickly over the past few years, and which direction the global market is currently headed. Jordan and Jameson discuss good hashing strains, and some of the best rosin cultivars they have come across in their travels trying hash across the country. This leads to a conversation about home rosin pressing, and how home producers can implement some tips and tricks to make their home made hash higher quality, and yield better as well.

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