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Aug 22, 2022

*Alexandria and Jordan are headed to DENVER CO and SAN DIEGO CA next! Come attend our Living Soil Masterclass WORLD CLASS EDUCATION- now accepting all payment methods... Next 3 people to sign up to these two classes get FREE SEEDS*

We've got a brand new guest! Natural farming enthusiast, breeder, and creator of the prolific Weed Should Taste Good brand; Miles is on the program for the very first time! Miles and Jordan talk about their recent travels, and the grow scene in Colorado. Miles shares the story of what brought him into the world of cannabis, and how he conceived the Weed Should Taste Good Brand. This leads to a conversation about breeding, and Miles discusses his philosophy and goal with his breeding work. He extrapolates on his hit cross Mesa Cookies, emphasizing it's complex flavor and hard hitting high which has led it to become a crowd favorite. Miles wraps up the show by talking about heirloom genetics, and where you can find him and his classes as he continues to educate and teach Korean Natural Farming practices.

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