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Feb 20, 2023

The one and only Wolfman is back on the line and this time he brings his friend Sean from Cutting Edge Solutions! Wolfman catches us up on all his recent travels and exploits, and gives us the backstory on what finally brought him to work with Cutting Edge Solutions. Sean and Wolfman talk about how the west coast market is rapidly changing, with pack prices plummeting and cultivators fleeing states like Oregon and California due to an inability to stay afloat. The conversation turns towards breeders, and how the legacy cultivator and the legacy breeder are becoming more and more endandgered. Conversely, other countries around the world are coming online, and are building their cannabis industry in ways that are much more effective and efficient than how we've done it in North America. Home grow laws, free international trade- these are the methods that countries like Columbia are employing to build a better legal market... And North America may end up being left behind entirely...

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