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Jan 3, 2022

GrowCast is coming to Oklahoma City! GC listener meetup scheduled for Friday, January 21st. Join The Green List to keep up to date on location and time!

To wrap up Worldwide December and transition into Grow Gear January, we've got Photontek Lighting's Martim on the line all the way from Portugal! Martim joins the show for an incredible podcast all about grow light science, how horticultural lighting is manufactured, and the future of lighting. Martim talks about the European lighting powerhouse Lumatek, and how the company evolved and changed multiple times- including with the creation of Photontek. Martim goes on to discuss why he settled on the PTK designs that they have, and why things like component choice and spectrum determine how grow lights perform differently. He also gives a fascinating take on the future of grow lighting, insisting that artificial intelligence, or specifically machine learning, will be the key to understanding and unlocking the optimal processes of lighting and cultivating cannabis plants.

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