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Jun 7, 2020

Another round of Ask Doctor Coco for the GrowCast listeners! This time Doctor Coco is discussing an interesting array of listener questions, starting with someone asking about the affect of infrared light from night vision cameras on their cannabis plants. Doctor Coco explains what type of light and what quantity of light becomes an issue, and explains why most night vision cameras should be safe in your grow. The second question involves storing flowers, particularly when it comes to preserving buds for extended periods of time. Doctor Coco talks about freezing, vacuum sealing, proper humidity and temperature, and much much more. The final question Doctor Coco answers involves the recent study that has come up on GrowCast around night time temperatures affect on plants. Doctor Coco gives a good overview of the study, explains how it may apply to cannabis, and also gives his thoughts on how growers should generally be approaching their lights out period when it comes to temperature.

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