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Sep 12, 2020

The great Doctor Coco from joins the program for another round of Ask Doctor Coco! Jordan and Coco do a deep dive into seeds and genetic stock, starting with the idea of feminized seeds. Coco explains how feminized seeds are produced, but then also stresses the fact that the downsides of feminization don't necessarily apply as much towards cannabis. This is because our genetic pool is already so mixed and hybridized, that a true stable and documented heredity is rarely found. The duo also discusses bag-seed, and Coco emphasizes that while it's always exciting to grow into the unknown, usually these types of genetics are finicky at best- and total disasters at worst. However Coco does admit that some great strains have come from a bag-seed cross, so it's really a personal risk choice. Coco also discusses the sexing process, and the different capabilities of sex testing in the cannabis space- and speculates on the future of genetic testing.

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