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Jul 4, 2020

The great Doctor Coco is back for another round of "Ask Doctor Coco!" Remember, Doctor Coco will be joining our Slack chat to answer questions TOMORROW, JULY 5th, so make sure to go to and find the link to join our community! You'll be able to chat with Doctor Coco about this episode, LIVE! In today's episode the good Doctor discusses the possibility of using nitrogen flushing for storing and preserving cannabis, and why it may or may not make sense in certain scenarios. Jordan talks about the best practices in coffee storage, and how the cannabis industry may take a page out of the coffee industry's book eventually. The conversation turns towards Doctor Coco's grow, and he gives a great breakdown of how he likes to automate his grow, the best way to remotely monitor it, and what he thinks of his current "Think Different" LED lights.

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