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May 7, 2020

Dr. Coco from returns for a powerful installment of ask Dr. Coco! Jordan and Coco discuss the current Coco For Cannabis Grow Challenge, and how each of their respective grows are going. This leads into a conversation about seeds vs clones, and how clones often carry with them a more mature growth rate, while seedling growers get to witness the explosive growth of the seed stage. Then the conversation turns towards VPD, and how temperature and humidity affect plants uptake of water and nutrients. They dive deep into VPD in both synthetic and organic setups, and what different factors contribute. Then Dr. Coco answers a question about using grow methods to increase certain cannabinoids, for example boosting CBD but keeping THC low. Dr. Coco talks about what little we know, and how much of the current knowledge we have may be unfounded or only partly true.

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