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Sep 11, 2023

[Re-uploaded with fixed sound]

First time on the GrowCast Podcast feed- Jacob AKA OklahomaFungi joins the program! Jacob is a fungi expert and today he is here to talk to us about soil dwelling fungi, and why they should be on your mind as a cannabis gardener. OKFungi delves into the world of mycorrhizal fungi and explains to us what this classification means, and the many benefits that plants see from their presence- from making minerals soluble to transporting water and more. Jacob goes on to discuss trichoderma in depth, and why this aggressive fungi is so useful in the garden- and so damaging in the mushroom grow. This leads to a conversation about grow products, where OKFungi tells us how to distinguish different types of products and their potency. Jacob wraps the show by discussing the use of salt fertilizers in conjunction with beneficial fungi, and also promotes his upcoming Mushroom Festival at 

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