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Aug 18, 2019

David Kurth from U-Bud joins us all the way from Canada for today's show. Tune in to hear David talk about the home grow scene in Canada, and why he's so passionate about empowering Canadian home growers. David then talks about his company U-Bud, which provides home growers with everything they need for their grow A-Z. He goes on to talk about the average beginner cannabis grower, and what he likes to focus on when trying to get them on the path to success. David also talks about how he carefully selected his grow gear partners, and why he thinks LED lighting is the best option for home growers, especially beginners. David goes on to give his opinion on cheap LED fixtures vs high end ones. He also shares some common struggles he sees home growers face, and what he recommends they do to overcome those challenges. David also mentions that U-Bud intends to switch to a more organic supersoil based grow in the future, even for level one growers, which means less measuring and less waste for his customers. David rounds out the show talking about seed laws in Canada, and how he plans on entering the USA market as soon as laws become normalized. Visit to learn more!

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