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Feb 22, 2021

Today we get back on the Breeder Feature train- this time Jordan is on the line with the one and only Covert Genetics! Covert talks about his journey into the breeding world, coming from a conservative Midwestern culture and eventually excelling in the Colorado cannabis scene with his emphasis on gaseous terpene profiles. Covert talks about probably the most prolific cross he's produced; the Chem Brulee. He expands upon what makes the strain one of his favorites, what growers can expect from it, and the F2 work he's currently doing with it. Covert goes on to cover a range of his offerings, and also discusses his potent and stinky #ismellgas line. Covert wraps up the show by sharing what he considers to be the most important things for a beginner breeder to focus on, and he also offers the GrowCast listeners some very generous limited time deals...

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