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Sep 16, 2020

Time for another powerful breeder feature on GrowCast Podcast, this time featuring the world-famous Green Bodhi! John from Green Bodhi seeds joins the show to share his personal journey into the cannabis industry and the many forces that eventually led him to breed his own lines. John talks about some of the beneficial impacts that cannabis had on his spiritual life and particularly the impact it had on his ego. He discusses why he chose many of the names he did, citing his belief in the spiritual influence of positive words and phrases. John goes on to discuss some of his flagship strains including Tenzin Kush and Hazy Girl- extrapolating on why he is particularly proud of these strains, their growing habits, effects, and more. His portfolio is overflowing with incredible strains, and John emphasizes that he aims for an uplifting, balanced, spiritually enlightening effects with his cultivars. He also discusses some of his travels and interactions with the Dalai Lama, and Jordan and John discuss the need to maintain positivity within the cannabis community.

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