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Jun 18, 2020

Rasta Jeff from Irie Genetics and The Grow From Your Heart Podcast is on the line to talk about his incredible work in growing, breeding, and podcasting! Jeff talks about his deep rooted passion for gardening, and what led him to start toying with cannabis many many years ago. Jeff talks about the push from his peers to distribute his seeds, and the duty he felt to give away a vast amount of seeds to the community- especially when he was still up and coming. He goes on to talk about some of his most definitive selections that he's bred, what makes them special, and what growers can expect from them. The strain Blue Raspberry Truffle comes up and Jordan and Jeff have a discussion about those tasty strains that you just can't put down. Jeff wraps up the show by giving advice to aspiring breeders of the world, and sharing what he thinks is most important for the industry and more importantly, the community.

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