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Aug 5, 2020

The one and only Maddfarmer returns to GrowCast for a follow up breeder feature! Madd catches us up on everything he's been doing since his last appearance, from taking care of family life to digging in to his next "Wicked" line- Madd has had some incredible projects in the works! He discusses some of his strains including maddgically delicious, as well as some of his most impressive new selections from the brand new wicked line. Madd expresses his concern with the direction that the cannabis industry is headed, specifically when it comes to breeding, and emphasizes the need to preserve the practices and genetics of old school OG breeders- because then old school breeders disappear, their genetic history usually goes with them. Madd and Jordan talk about voting with your dollar, and how the cannabis industry must be especially careful with who they support. Follow @the_madd_farmer on IG and stay up to date on all his incredible selections!!!

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