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May 28, 2020

The great and powerful Terp Fi3nd returns to GrowCast finally! Today he is back on the show to discuss his recent work, as well as his upcoming lines. Terp discusses what he has dropped since last visiting the program, and also shares what is inspiring him to pursue a new line involving old school skunk and that traditionally hard hitting Terp Fi3nd effect. Terp and Jordan also discuss growers choosing which strains to grow, and the over simplification of indica vs sativa. Then Terp answers a whole slew of GrowCast fan submitted questions, including questions about how much space is required for breeding, what Terp thinks about feminized seeds, and more. Jordan and Terp Fi3nd also discuss the world of genetic patents, and they dive deeper in to the open source genetic philosophy that Terp and many of his collaborative breeders adhere to. You can find more of Terp Fi3nd on Instagram @terp_fi3nd be sure to mention that you heard him on GrowCast!

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