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Sep 10, 2019

Dusty Elliot from The Autoflower Grower's Club Facebook group joins the show to talk about his journey into growing autoflowers. Dusty talks about the free seed contest he won that got him started growing, and explains how he fell in love with the cannabis cultivation community. Then he talks about his proclivity for autoflowers, and why he thinks they're so efficient and convenient for many growers out there. Dusty discusses his love of simplistic, budget grows, and how he thinks that autoflowers are the best chance we have at overgrowing the country. Then Jordan asks Dusty to present the audience with the top three questions that he sees in his Facebook group, and they go into detail on each one. First the guys discuss the commonly asked question "How can I select a quality breeder/seed company with so many options out there?" Jordan gives a good overview of his breeder features while Dusty shares some direct experience he has had with some autoflower seed companies. Then the guys talk about selecting nutrients, and the difference between feeding autos and photos. Finally they wrap the show talking about increasing yield, and the tricky act of topping autoflowers.

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