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Feb 4, 2023

Nik from Rooted Leaf is BACK to continue our individual nutrient explorations- this time focusing on CALCIUM. Nik explains how calcium is absorbed and utilized by the plant, and how cannabis calcium consumption changes throughout the cannabis grow cycle. He goes on to expound on different forms of applicable calcium, and compares the sources based on solubility, nitrogen content, and more. Nik goes on to explain a few mind blowing phenomena involving calcium; the first being the intracellular exchange of calcium - making it pretty agile for an immobile nutrient - and also the production of calcium waves that originate from a point of stress and ripple throughout the plants entire cellular being. Nik also talks about the upcoming INDUSTRY NIGHT and GROW CLASS (with Jordan River speaking) which you can find tickets to at (code growcast for 20% off products)

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