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Jul 28, 2019

Alan from joins us all the way from Montreal, Quebec to talk about his cannabis industry connection platform, and why he is so passionate about open source genetics and genetic diversity. Alan gives a brief overview of the recent controversy that has rocked the cannabis genetic world, and what his estimation of the entire situation is. He goes on to explain the concept of applying licensing law to cannabis genetics, as opposed to patent law, and what effects that has on the industry. Alan discusses the fact that there are actual laws in place where you can claim and defend cannabis genetics- although the court that enforces these laws are all the way in Germany. Alan also shares some possible worst case scenarios when it comes to cannabis genetic legislation, citing the road France has taken when it comes to limiting the number of strains of vegetables that citizens are allowed to grow- all under the guise of health and safety. He wraps up the show talking about how the cannabis industry faces unique challenges as it lands at a strange and dangerous intersection of posing threats to some of the biggest establishments in North American History: Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Tobacco.

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