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Dec 14, 2021

We continue our Worldwide December quest to speak to growers from around the globe- this time we're headed back to the heart of the USA to speak with Chitown Cannachica, who has been growing in the windy city for several years now. Cannachica talks about her journey into growing medicine for a family member, and how she deals with the BS Illinois cultivation guidelines. She also discusses the huge climate swings that occur in the Midwest, from bone dry sub zero winter temperatures, to muggy and humid 90 degree summer days. This leads to a conversation about having TWO WAY climate control, and how important that is for grows in regions with four seasons. Cannachica also shares an interesting strategy of vegging plants outside in the Midwest summer, and bringing them in for the flowers stage. Cannachica also shares some strain and grow gear reviews to round out the program.

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