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Mar 16, 2023

Grab your early bird price tickets NOW for The Community Cup: Oklahoma! Sunday May 7th at the OKC Public Farmers Market

Get your GCTV FREE today and tomorrow ONLY! Join our membership today or tomorrow and be refunded your join fee, enjoy 30 days FREE! Check out the most recent GCTV on plant training with the great TK...

PESTAPALOOZA tickets are LIVE! Come see me and Matthew Gates, enjoy an in depth pest class, fully catered afterparty, and leave with a BOATLOAD of IPM goodies- use code GROWCAST for $20 off!

Vaulted packs of GC Seed Co about to DROP stay tuned!

Madame Cannoli, MBS, Rich and Nik are all scheduled to be on the show- don't touch that dial : )