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Feb 1, 2021

Friend of the show and creator of Dr. Coco is back on the show to discuss a whole host of grow topics! The conversation begins by talking about autoflowers and photoperiods, the differences in how they're grown, and what the additional light time of autoflowering plants could entail. This leads to conversation about how much light a plant can handle without damaging the plant, which transitions the conversation towards the commonly misunderstood analytic know as DLI, or daily light integral. Dr. Coco explains when DLI is useful to measure and track, when it's not, and how people are misusing the term within the cannabis space. Jordan then poses an interesting observation to Dr. Coco regarding the maturation of trichomes when the buds are being agitated- whether by frequent trichome scoping, hard wind, or friction of a tent wall.

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