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Jun 25, 2020

The great and powerful Wolfman returns for an episode of GrowCast, to talk all things growing and grow gear. Jordan regales Wolfman with a recap of his semi-recent interview about grow light components with Rod from Cultilux, and asks Wolfman if he's observed a reduction in grow light component quality over the past year- especially since the pandemic. Wolfman weighs in on overall grow gear quality coming out from all parts of the world, and talks about how sometimes there are simply bad batches of product. He talks about some of the cycles he sees businesses go through in the grow industry as they start out, become popular, expand, and then often dip in quality. Then Wolfman and Jordan both give detailed examples of what they would consider their absolute dream grows. Wolfman talks about his ideal setup, a big grow with big old gas lights and lots of production- a classic Wolfman operation! Jordan on the other hand discusses the different needs that those creating content for the cannabis space require, and discusses how cool it would be to have a grow operation specifically dedicated to split testing.

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