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Oct 6, 2019

The powerful Dr. Coco from returns to the podcast, this time to talk about the science behind the cannabis drying and curing process. Dr. Coco picks up where he left off at harvest time, and shares why he thinks wet trimming is a great option for growers. He discusses some general rules of thumb when it comes to post harvest cannabis processing, including chlorophyll reduction, trichome preservation, and environmental optimization. Then Dr. Coco dives into the curing process, and discusses the different changes that take place as the RH% off the cannabis product evens out in your curing containers. He also explains what he believes to the most optimal guidelines and strategies for preserving your cannabis during cure as your trichomes begin to stabilize, acting similar to a "petrification" process. Make sure to visit and join their new years grow challenge, see their strain reviews, and peruse their useful grow resources!

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