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Apr 24, 2021

**FInd St0nerchef's dosage calculator HERE. To utilize, either save a shortcut to your own G-Drive or download manually**

Brand new guest St0nerchef joins the podcast for the first time!!! Today the chef is here to talk about easy edible recipes, decarbing, pizza, and more! St0nerchef opens the show by talking about the decarboxylation process, and how he utilizes a sous-vide method of heating in order to both eliminate odor and preserve terpenes. This leads into a conversation about infusion- again with the chef recommending trying a sous-vide process (though many methods work). St0nerchef discusses different fat compounds, and which ones work well with cannabis in his opinion- as well as which flavors pair the best. St0nerchef wraps the show by talking about pizza, and how he uses infused olive oil to create the absolutely perfect THC loaded pizza pie!

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