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Nov 21, 2019

ClosetNinja from the ClosetNinja YouTube Page and upcoming ClosetNinja Botanicals is on the show to talk about his success growing top shelf cannabis at home, as well as the many projects he's developing. He and Jordan the show by discussing his work in the Cannabis Growers Resource Group, which leads to a conversation about how growers should conduct themselves in a cannabis cultivation community- specifically when it comes to newcomers and those with differing opinions. This leads to a larger discussions about how people often assume the worst in others, especially in an online environment. Then the guys talk about some divisive subjects in the cannabis growing world, like water curing, and how people respond to strategies like these. Jordan goes on to talk to ClosetNinja about his specific cultivation strategies, and ClosetNinja shares some of his most effective grow tips for home cultivators. They round out the show by discussing things like sulfur burning, breeder selection, clones vs seeds, plant training, and more.

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