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Feb 17, 2023

Florida Meetup Saturday February 25th at Battle Buds USA in Tampa, FLA! Follow @theflowerpharm on IG and DM him for more info! Shout out Canna Queen Genetics and CEO Grow! Every attendee gets free GrowCast Community Seeds.

FREE MEMBERSHIP this weekend only - join up at and get your join fee REFUNDED so you can enjoy 30 days TOTALLY FREE! Come check out the 100s of hours of bonus content, members only discounts, community, events, and more :) 

Community Cup Tickets are ON SALE NOW! Grab a Judge's Pass before they SELL OUT- speakers include Brandon Rust, OKCalyxx, Touched by Cannabis, PharmerJohn, SoilGuru and More! Rhizo Rich and I will be in attendance!

See all our classes and meetups at and check out the ILLINOIS BREEDER CLASS on March 4th!

Oreoz pollination is also LIVE- our very first FEM drop! Huge shout out to Rhizo Rich for all his hard work providing seeds to the community!