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Jun 26, 2023

Identifying issues quickly and accurately in your grow can be the difference between a successful harvest, and total crop loss- on this episode of GrowCast, fan favorite Marybeth Sanchez joins the program to help you identify FOUR COMMON PROBLEMS that plague growers. MBS starts with two common deficiencies: magnesium, and potassium- she walks us through how to accurately ID these issues, why they are important to address, and how to quickly fix them. This leads to a larger conversation about making sure that everything else is dialed in before adding more nutrients- being sure to optimize your temperature, humidity, watering, and light saturation before piling on more minerals. MBS then informs us how to identify and treat septoria, a nasty plant pathogen that can devastate a crop. MBS rounds out the show by talking about an insidious pest that could be lurking in your garden without you even knowing it... CODE GROWCAST20 for 20% OFF ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT! PLUS FREE SHIPPING! DON'T miss this amazing deal for my fans only, if you have been meaning to try FOOP hit up and use code GROWCAST20 TODAY!

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