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Oct 3, 2020

... This episode begins with the recounting of the recent tragedy that occurred in the GrowCast Family- the loss of beloved friend and GrowCast Producer Rob Smith. We thank you for your kind messages and the extreme eagerness of listeners to support the remaining family. Please respect their wishes and privacy, as you continue to send your messages of love and condolences. Thank you all.

Today's episode features a wonderful member of the GrowCast and Coco for Cannabis Communities: Smot Poker! He joins the program to talk about his work moderating cannabis communities, and some of the coolest things he's seen growers share online. The conversation turns to the community as a whole, and Smot and Jordan talk about all the controversy and conflict that weighs down our vibrant community. They discuss the need for positivity above all else, lest the community be torn apart from within. Smot goes on to talk about his work with autoflowers, and gives Jordan a crash course in the strains he's grown as well as how to get started with autos.