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Sep 9, 2020

Elijah from Delta Leaf Labs joins the program for a podcast about his journey into cannabis testing and genetics, and the future of Delta Leaf Labs. Elijah discusses the sex testing kits that he offers the cultivation world- and even gives out a generous GROWCAST promo code for free shipping- but he also goes on to talk about his companies brand new cannabinoid testing kit. This kit allows farmers to determine if their plant will produce high levels of THC, CBD, or both- an incredibly useful tool for those looking to ensure their crop yields the proper effect they're looking for, and ensure they're getting what they're paying for. This leads to a larger conversation of what is determined by cannabis genetics, and how they change over time due to cultivation practices and other factors. Elijah and Jordan also talk about the cannabis genome database and the many forces who are trying to map and profit off of the cannabis genome.

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