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Oct 8, 2020

The great and knowledgable David Kessler from Agrify stops by the program to discuss the incredible world of the cannabis genome, data driven growing, and more. David discusses the need for proper documentation and logging of cannabis strain information, and Jordan shares his concern that with all the constant cross-hybrids being created daily- David is fighting an uphill and unending battle. David also talks about the benefits and drawbacks of such a diverse and rapidly expanding gene pool, citing the lack of traceable lineage as a major issue in nailing down and mastering the development of this medicinal plant. This leads to a discussion about the Phylos controversy, and all the incredible power surrounding the ability to understand and control the cannabis genome. David also discusses how the cannabis trichome evolves over the plant's life cycle, and shares a wonderful resource for GrowCast listeners that you can find at - and be sure to visit to learn more about David and his work!

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