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Sep 1, 2019

Peter and Lee from P and L Grow Systems join the show from all the way across the pond to talk about the business of grow room monitoring, and their flagship Minder Unit. First the guys discuss the cannabis scene in the UK and Europe in 2019, as well as the state of the ever present European hemp industry. Then the conversation turns towards grow room monitoring and hygrometer manufacturing, and the duo talk about the most important aspects of grow room monitoring hardware and software design. Then the conversation towards grow room automation, and the implication of incorporating AI into automated cannabis grows. Lee and Peter explain that a lot of monitoring software actually already takes the first simple step towards AI technology, by using predictors to prognosticate future problems based upon past recorded data. Jordan also talks to the guys about PL Grow Systems main products, the Minder and Controller units for grow room monitoring. Lee and Peter are also offering GrowCast listeners a massive 25% off their product by using promo code GC2019 at checkout when you buy from today!

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