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Jun 20, 2020

Long time friend of GrowCast Marybeth Sanchez returns to the show to pay a little less attention to IPM and microbes (but still quite a bit of attention) and focus more on growing talk! Marybeth shares what she finds to be some of the most important lessons she can impart on growers, no matter their skill level. She talks about the importance of starting off on the right foot, and the crucial step of establishing a healthy, vigorous plant when it's very young. Then the conversation turns towards calcium, and Marybeth drops a very interesting knowledge bomb regarding common soil inputs like gypsum, that actually harm the microbiology- saying that she instead likes to derive her calcium from oyster shell products. Marybeth wraps up the show talking about the best character traits a grower can exhibit, with an emphasis on the need for positivity when it comes to living the life of a farmer.

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