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Jun 10, 2024

Great friend of the show and upcoming instructor of the Autumn Natural Farming Immersive- OKCalyxx is back on the show! Today he is here to discuss all the happenings on regenerative plot of land, and share some great natural farming advice with us! OKC opens the show by opening up about the tremendous impact that plant medicines have had on his life and his mental health. This leads to a conversation about natural systems, and how engaging in them can bring you peace and health. Calyxx focuses in on some of his recent ferment work, and discusses in depth his use of horsetail FPE. He also updates on his now years old manure extract, and how these natural inputs are making an impact on his garden. OKCalyxx wraps the show by updating us on his outdoor grow- where he has some 8 foot plants growing- and leaves us with some advice on how to grow some BIG plants successfully.

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