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Aug 16, 2020

Today's episode is a preview of the GrowPass Member Podcast, available ad-free to members of today's episode features long time professional grower and creator of Start2Finish Consulting, Michael Travers. Travers updates us on the current climate of the cannabis market in Colorado and beyond, citing a major rise in demand for quality cannabis among a wave of "the new low." Trav talks about surviving the ups and downs of the cannabis cultivation world, and the importance of making hay while the sun shines. The conversation turns towards LED lights, one of Trav's favorite subjects, and he expands on why he likes his new Luxx bar style lights so much. He also discusses metrics such as grams per watt, and why he thinks grams per foot is more important to most growers. He goes on to discuss making sure multiple lights add up to the correct dimensions of your space, and talks about odd sized lighting. Trav wraps up the show by sharing his opinion of Athena Nutrients, a brand he's been playing with a little bit recently.

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