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Oct 23, 2019

Today's episode is a sneak peak of the GrowPass Member Podcast, available to our members at along with exclusive discounts, giveaway raffle tickets, live streams, cannabis cultivation resources, archived GrowCast Podcast episodes and more!

Stephen Raisner from the incredible Growing With Fishes Podcast is on the line to discuss his philosophy on cultivating cannabis. Stephen discusses the extreme importance of bio-diversity, and extrapolates on the idea that the more you as a grower can stimulate your plants immune system with diverse organic inputs, the more desirable genetic expressions will be expressed on the plant. This is a why a dual root zone with both aquatic and terrestrial inputs can be useful, and Stephen explains how aquaponics is truly the most bio diverse grow method today. Stephen goes on to give some great tips on increasing the quality of your bud, and gives his thoughts on things like end of harvest starving, lights out periods, and more.

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