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Sep 28, 2020

---Today's episode is a little taste of what GrowPass Members get each week- an ad-free Member Podcast! To gain access to all of the archived episodes of GrowCast along with the Member Podcast, and ad-free episodes of GrowCast and Homegrown Helpers as they release- make sure to visit and sign up before registration ends!---

Today's Member Podcast features the great Marybeth Sanchez, IPM specialist and regenerative agriculture expert. Marybeth is on the GrowPass Podcast this time to discuss homemade inputs- which natural household waste products we can incorporate into our garden. From coffee grounds to eggshells, there's certainly something you can be doing in your situation to make your own inputs and reduce your waste. Marybeth also talks about the need for a strong microbial presence in order to break down more "solid" materials like banana waste, etc.